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The aim of the Friends of Museum Villa Rot is to support the museum in order for it to be a lively part of the cultural life of Upper Swabia and beyond. We are happy to welcome every new member and grateful for their contribution.

Detailed information about the Friends of the Museum

With our diverse program of events and further exclusive benefits, you can do good for all by becoming a member: you, your friends, and Museum Villa Rot.

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Your membership benefits

Become a member of the Friends of Museum Villa Rot and enjoy the following benefits:

  • Invitations to exclusive exhibition previews and to events of the museum and those organized by the Friends of Museum Villa Rot

  • Free admission to the exhibitions of the museum

  • Free admission to museum events such as guided tours, lectures, readings, and artist talks

  • Catalogues of the museum at a special price

  • nvitations to the activities of the Friends of Museum Villa Rot, including exclusive guided tours of Villa Rot exhibitions and art excursions, jazz matinées, painting in the park, summer festivals, picnics, and more

Membership fees

Membership fees according to the type of your membership annually:

  • Single member at least 30 €

  • Family membership at least 50 €

  • Pupils, students, trainees 15 €

  • Companies at least 60 €

  • or an amount deviating from the minimum amount

Agreement on the collection of the membership fee by SEPA base direct debit:
The collection takes place on February 1st of the year. Our creditor ID no.: DE32FMV00000273709

Become a Friend

In order to become a member of the Friends of the Museum Villa Rot, please fill out the form below. We will forward your details to the Friends of the Museum. You can also collect a membership form at the museum desk.

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