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Painting Today + David Czupryn

Eleven short seconds, that is the average length of time that museum visitors spend in front of a work of art.


With its exhibition Otherworlds. Painting Today, the Museum Villa Rot would like to counter this form of fast-moving contemplation of art. At the centre of the exhibition are therefore paintings that transport visitors into other, fantastic worlds of imagery and leave room for discoveries and associations.

A recurring feature of the exhibited works is the combination of familiar and foreign aspects. As the artists use motifs from popular culture, art history or the everyday world and alienate them or place them in an unfamiliar context, our perception of reality is put to the test. In this way, new, alternative perspectives or places of retreat outside the explainable reality are created.

Two tendencies can be identified within the exhibition. On the one hand, there are artists who usually draw their motifs from the visual cosmos of the internet and condense them into poetic stagings or irritating constellations. Sampling from the existing is the central means of expression here to describe reality. On the other hand, there are works that develop from a partly subconscious painting process. Here one can find hybrids of animals and humans, floating geometric forms or unreal worlds.

What all of the paintings have in common is that they invite to an intensive, sensual viewing of the picture.

Participant Artists: Maxim Brandt, Jonas Burgert, Peter Nikolaus Heikenwälder, Juliane Hundertmark, Hyundeok Hwang, Hortensia Mi Kafchin, Andrey Klassen, Edith Nürnberger, Simon Pasieka, Florian Rautenberg, Rui Zhang